2008- 7C started as Global image network with translation services only 2012- Other services were added to the portfolio

We are very passionate about what we do and believe in finding unique and creative solutions. We know that investing in our linguists leads to better and healthier lives.  We look to attract and retain the best in the market. We encourage and support your professional development and are ready to help when we can. We have many training opportunities to support your efforts and will help you to become the professional you want to become. Our success is linked to your success, and we are in the business of unlocking the potential in our clients, our team, and our global opportunities.

Solutions– We offer Customized cross-cultural solutions to our clients. With an innovative and culturally focused approach, we are the one-stop-shop for all our customers’ global needs. (For example, Global Networking, Cultural Focus Groups, Concept Testing, Global Marketing, Innovation, Transcreation, and Localization)

Training– Our training will enable you to develop soft skills across cultures, leverage the strength of global relationships, and improve expectations, understandings, and responses in a variety of culturally-diverse settings. ( For example, Program Development, Cultural Intelligence (CQ), Diversity Workshops, Interpreter Training, Cultural Training, Global Leadership, and Business ESL (English as a Second Language) Training )

Services– Capture your audience in their native language and culture with our comprehensive team of linguists. All our linguists have the expertise necessary to convey your message accurately in a way that is culturally compatible with your target audience. ( For example, Language Services, Interpretation, Translation, Transcription, Sign Language, Relocation Services, Multilingual Staffing, Braille & Accessibility Services, and Media Production – Subtitling/ Voiceover)

We are!


We’re innovators who are obsessed with finding better solutions.


We are driven by our inner motivations to get things done.


Every step we take is an opportunity to change the world.


We facilitate clear communication in complex and diversified environments.


We’re in the business of unlocking the potential in our clients.


This is our opportunity to showcase our passions.

Have a language, culture, or communication need for your business & not sure where to turn? Let us help you integrate into this global atmosphere! Submit your inquiries and 7C Lingo will begin linking our connections to cater to your inclusive company needs.

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