We offer Customized cross-cultural solutions to our clients. With an innovative and culturally focused approach, we are the one-stop-shop for all our customers’ global needs. (For example, Global Networking, Cultural Focus Groups, Concept Testing, Global Marketing, Innovation, Transcreation, and Localization)

Global Networking

Our consulting, language and travel services have naturally allowed us to link an expansive network of culture experts and industry professionals around the world. We would like to continue to share this network with our clients who are searching for their next international partner. Our network spans multiple countries and industries, providing you with the relationships and solutions you are looking for. Let us help connect you with your future international business partners!

Program Development

Driven by international study and professional development, our domestic and international programs are customized and objective-based, guaranteeing the educational benefit, cultural experience, and trip of a lifetime that students and administrators are looking for.

Popular request include, but are not limited to:

  • Staff/faculty training and assessment
  • Student group professional training (degree specific)
  • Multi-city/single city cultural tours
  • Student-professional tours and visits

Multilingual Staffing

7C Lingo identifies, recruits and places professionals with the optimal combination of professional and linguistic skills. Let us do the heavy lifting when it comes to your temporary or full-time staffing needs.

Our proven recruiting, vetting and testing process results in the identification of a vast pool of qualified professionals with advanced linguistic skill, academic credentials and practical experience in relevant industries.

Media Production

To supplement our translation services, we offer a full suite of multimedia applications. This allows us to manage entire image, audio, and video productions from beginning to end, giving our clients a simple and high-quality solution to all their cross-cultural marketing and design needs.

Our services include:

Multi-lingual voiceover, producing, directing, video editing, audio recording, audio editing, DVD authoring, Blu-ray authoring, graphics, Flash, original music design, animation, video crew, equipment rental, duplication, web design, 3D (CAD, modeling, texturing, digital painting, digital lighting, and animation, including fly-throughs and flybys, photorealistic product rendering, and architectural rendering)

We are!


We’re innovators who are obsessed with finding better solutions.


We are driven by our inner motivations to get things done.


Every step we take is an opportunity to change the world.


We facilitate clear communication in complex and diversified environments.


We’re in the business of unlocking the potential in our clients.


This is our opportunity to showcase our passions.

Have a language, culture, or communication need for your business & not sure where to turn? Let us help you integrate into this global atmosphere! Submit your inquiries and 7C Lingo will begin linking our connections to cater to your inclusive company needs.

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