Language carries more than just words; it holds emotion, body language, slang and cultural nuance. From common languages like Spanish, Arabic, and Chinese to rare languages like Nepali, Chin, and Pashto, we link you to the world.

We specialize in high-quality, reliable interpreters with experience in medical, legal, business and community settings. Whether it is face-to-face, over-the-phone, or video-remote interpreting, our linguists are specially trained to ensure your appointments will go smoothly and professionally. Put your mind at ease knowing that regardless of the situation, our team will be available to assist you.

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Capture your audience in their native language and culture with our full translation services. Translating text is more than just switching out words from one language to another. Our linguists have the expertise necessary to convey your message accurately in a way that is culturally compatible with your target audience.

No matter the subject area, our linguists are well versed in a multitude of different areas. Whether it is educational, legal, medical, business or any other subject area our staff has you covered. We live in a global economy, and accurate communication plays a vital role in your success. 7C understands the fast-paced world of business, and we will work with you to ensure your documents are ready to go when you are.


Braille has been around since 1829 and was developed by a Frenchman, Louis Braille after he lost his eyesight due to a childhood accident. It is unique in that it cannot be translated using a software program, and must be done by a person in order to ensure accuracy. Due to this unique characteristic, Braille translators, particularly qualified Braille translators, can be difficult to come by.

Braille transcripts must essentially be error-free, so the standards are much higher than for print. This level of accuracy is necessary because braille uses the same cells for different purposes in different contexts. As a consequence, even slight errors can cause extreme difficulties in interpretation. Our team possesses the experience and expertise to handle your English to Braille translation with ease, accuracy, and professionalism.


Transcription is the representation of the spoken word to written. Essentially, it involves listening to a recording and typing the contents into a document. Professionals typically utilize this service for court proceedings, physician’s recorded notes, interviews, research studies or conversation analysis.

Our multi-language transcription services are fully comprehensive and customizable to our clients’ needs, providing verbatim or summary text, speaker attribution, time stamping or any other annotation needed for your project. Our global network of transcribers allows for fast conversions of your audio files without compromising quality or deadlines. Let us know your language pairs and we are ready to go when you are!


Countless articles have been written describing the potential pitfalls of translating a company’s slogan for the international market. For example, Pepsi’s slogan “Pepsi Brings You Back to Life” was debuted in China as “Pepsi Brings You Back from the Grave”. Yikes! When branching out to an unfamiliar audience, it is important to have a strong understanding of the cultural differences to ensure the message you wish to convey is communicated accurately.

You’ve cultivated a loyal customer base with your logo, mission, and company branding. Reach your next audience, and maintain your brand loyalty across diverse cultural settings, by embracing the target language and preferences. Our team of dedicated cultural excavators has the drive and knowledge to guarantee your message is understood.

American Sign Language

Did you know that American Sign Language actually arose from a mixture of French Sign Language and Martha’s Vineyard Sign Language? Approximately 36 million Americans are dealing with some degree of hearing loss, making ASL one of the most highly regulated and most requested language services.

We also service the deaf-blind community which has a different set of guidelines, certifications and communication styles than your standard American Sign Language individual. For example, Tactile Sign Language is just one of the ways the deaf-blind community communicate and involves the deaf-blind person putting his or her hands over the signer’s hands to feel the shape, movement, and location of the signs. Our ASL linguists are certified, registered, and interpret with expertise and passion to serve the following industries: education, medical, legal, community, and business.

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