Jazan University


Jazan University is a gateway to the future for Jazan Province and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. They are recognized nationally and internationally for their academic excellence, competent graduates and high impact research which influences social and economic regions around the world.


Jazan University, a gateway to the future for Jazan Province in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia reached out to MSU VIPP Department. MSU VIPP partnered with 7C  for developing a program offering a series of seminar courses on American culture and cross-cultural communication. In addition to the professional lectures/ seminars at MSU, the program included a series of business visits in order to complement the lectures and to expose the participants to actual facilities and practical training.

We also organized informational visits to various sites in the Lansing/Detroit area, Washington D.C., Chicago, and New York City. Finally, the 7C team facilitated over 25 workshops ranging in focus from Logistics Supply Chain to Global Business Strategies to American Business Culture & Etiquette. All taught by industry experts or professors of Big 10 Universities.

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