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Interpretation Security Form: Code of Ethics & HIPAA - Step 1 of 4
Intending to be legally bound, I hereby attest that I undertake the obligations contained in this Agreement, and understand the material it contains.
I hereby acknowledge that I understand and will abide by 7C Lingo’s and the National Council on Interpreting for Health Care’s Code of Ethics**, which include:
  • Accuracy
  • Maintaining confidentiality & Privacy
  • Maintaining my role as the interpreter
  • Being Impartial
  • Respecting and Promoting Dignity throughout the interpretation
  • Facilitating cultural awareness to further foster communication
  • Uphold the professionalism of the interpretation and profession while representing 7C Lingo in a positive manner
  • Constantly developing oneself in the field to keep high level of education & preparedness
  • Advocating, when need be, to protect the safety of those benefiting from interpretation services.
I attest that I have been informed of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and that I understand the Act and all of the regulations and rules it implies. Furthermore, I understand the role I play in the Act and confirm that I will always uphold and abide by HIPAA.
Furthermore, I confirm that I have received a copy of documents that explain in greater detail HIPAA requirements and 7C Lingo’s Code of Ethics.