Language carries more than just words; it holds emotion, body language, slang, and cultural nuance. From common languages like Spanish, Arabic, and Chinese, to rare languages like Nepali, Chin, and Pashto. We link you to the world. 7C specializes in high-quality, reliable interpreters with experience in medical, legal, business, and community settings. Whether it is face-to-face, over-the-phone, or video-remote interpreting, our linguists are specially trained to ensure your appointments will go smoothly and professionally. Put your mind at ease knowing that regardless of the situation, our team will be available to assist you.

Face-to-Face Interpretation

Our team of linguists practices in over 240 languages, specializing in simultaneous, consecutive, and conference interpreting.  Our team has extensive experience in the medical, legal, business, and community industries, providing excellent service for all of your interpretation needs.  Much of our work has been in the Face to Face Interpretation (F2F) which has made us a unique partner for our clients. Our Interpreters are experienced and competent in their work.

Phone and Video

Our interpreters are specially trained for over-the-phone and video interpreting, and ready to go for those last-minute appointments. Put your mind at ease knowing that regardless of the situation, our team will be available to assist you. All you need is a high-speed internet connection, webcam, and speakers With the press of a button, you can now instantly connect to an interpreter

American Sign Language

Did you know that American Sign Language actually arose from a mixture of French Sign Language and Martha’s Vineyard Sign Language? Approximately 36 million Americans are dealing with some degree of hearing loss, making ASL one of the most highly regulated and most requested language services. We also service the deaf-blind community which has a different set of guidelines, certifications, and communication styles than your standard American Sign Language individual. For example, Tactile Sign Language is just one of the ways the deaf-blind community communicates and involves the deaf-blind person putting his or her hands over the signer’s hands to feel the shape, movement, and location of the signs. Our ASL linguists are certified, registered, and interpret with expertise and passion to serve the following industries: education, medical, legal, community, and business.

Virtual Interpreter Training

We understand the significance of quality interpretation and that is why we have partnered with Cross-Cultural Communication (CCC), the leader in community interpreting training. Cross-Cultural Communications (CCC) developed The Community Interpreter® program and its support materials. CCC is the only national training agency in the U.S. devoted to community interpreting, medical interpreting, and cultural competence. It is also the only organization that licenses community interpreter trainers across the U.S. and in other countries. The nation’s premier interpreting certificate offers introductory courses including medical, educational, and social services interpreting. These courses can offer an understanding of the professional standards and responsibilities for interpreters. Read More!

Language Training

Learn a language online with our language training services. We offer Arabic, Spanish, Chinese, and English Second Language. Online learning allows you to customize your schedule and be flexible. Combine language learning with cultural understanding to be the most prepared you can be for language use.

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