Do you run a business looking for simple and custom ESL training for your employees? Are you looking to prepare your English skills to pass an exam or get a visa? Maybe you want to increase your vocabulary and be understood better? 
7C Lingo offers English as a Second Language (ESL) classes for organizations, groups, and any individuals seeking to improve their skills in English comprehension and communication. With our innovative methods of remote instruction, learners will become more confident communicators and be able to work and live in an English environment. 
7C Lingo is dedicated to offering cross-cultural solutions to our clients. We are passionate about what we do and believe in finding unique and creative ways to help you accomplish your objectives. For our linguists and learners, we seek to promote the highest possible achievement and development of skills. We encourage and support your professional development and are ready to help wherever we can. Our success is linked to our success, and we are in the business of unlocking the potential in our clients, our team, and our global opportunities.

Business English

Focus skills: Writing, grammar, pronunciation, vocabulary

Develop skills inherent to English communication in the Western business world. With an understanding of the learner’s and their organization’s objectives, this course will further the abilities of learners communicating with English speaking counterparts. Writing and grammar will be some of the skills focused on in this course. Learners will become more confident in tasks such as sending emails, communicating efficiently in meetings, and reviewing contracts.

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Conversational English

Focus skills: Communication, listening, vocabulary, cultural etiquette

Advance everyday English skills to enhance interactions with native speakers. With the motivation to be both a better speaker and listener, learners will be able to practice their English skills for practical interactions. This course will help learners become more confident and better understood when speaking over the phone, going to work, and expressing themselves in an English setting. New learners will also receive cross-cultural training localized to where they may be living and working as well as an increased vocabulary to utilize.

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Comprehensive English

Focus skills: Speaking, listening, reading, writing

7C Lingo’s flagship English course will advance the total English comprehension of learners.
Practicing and developing new English skills are core to our Comprehensive English Course.
With our innovative methods of teaching and experienced instructors, learners in this course will become well-rounded in their English comprehension regardless of their starting point. This course utilizes Language Learning Projects and individual support to help learners meet their goals. This course is designed for learners who want to push themselves to the next level.

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