Training can be specific to what you need. We can customize your plan to cater to your business and employees. Specific job skills, leadership training, program development, and others to help improve your productivity.

Virtual Training

Online training allows you to customize your learning according to your schedule. Pick your schedule and train at your own pace. Virtual Training is the best option for those who need to socially distance and those who want to avoid as much contact as possible.

Country-Specific Training

Be prepared to engage in any country with the proper training that will provide you with knowledge of cultural customs. Cultural Customs can be specific to each country, so it is important to be informed before traveling abroad.

Business Group Training

Our business group training classes teach important principles, taught by a team of qualified trainers. This can enhance the performance of your team overall. Business group training allows you to advance the skills of all your team members in a way that will increase your business’ productivity.

Leadership Training

Live up to your full potential as a leader for your team. Our classes can help you be an effective and productive leader by training you to see leadership opportunities and how to use them to improve your team.

Conversational Intelligence

Conversational intelligence allows you to facilitate more productive conversations by teaching the obstacles that most commonly stand in the way of mutual understanding. Be a better leader by learning about the skills to have a conversation, while understanding the perspectives of your employees.

Soft Skills

Learn skills that can boost your performance in the workplace and make you a more competitive member of the workforce. These are skills that are not traditionally assessed by employers but overall can make an employee more well-rounded and dependable.

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Have a language, culture, or communication need for your business & not sure where to turn? Let us help you integrate into this global atmosphere! Submit your inquiries and 7C Lingo will begin linking our connections to cater to your inclusive company needs.

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