Diversity Workshops

By establishing diversifying goals and facilitating culture-based behavioral changes, our cultural development programs help our clients produce productive and long-lasting global and cross-cultural relationships. These training programs are designed to develop the overall Cultural Intelligence of our clients in accordance with their unique goals.

Our approach to culture training is holistic. We focus on creating a permanent behavioral change in our clients that:

  • Increases their overall cultural proficiency
  • Helps them communicate with people of all cultural and linguistic backgrounds
  • Builds their international navigation skills
  • Develops and strengthens their intercultural leadership

Global Leadership

For Business leaders, the world is a place to find resources as well as an opportunity for market growth. The need to effectively deal with people from different cultures around the world and locally is now a basic requirement for any business person seeking expansion beyond their horizon.

How do you perpetuate business growth, motivate your team, and harmonize your cross-cultural relationships? 7C Lingo provides leadership and team training tailored to your company in order to meet these needs. These leadership tools allow you to explore business culture, gender, and cultural intelligence to cross borders and meet your team’s diverse needs.

Skill Development

Our global network of interpretation, ESL, and language instructors are ready to take on your custom program requests- international or domestic, in-person or online! Dive deeper into your field of study with private or group tutoring focused on your objectives and long-term professional development.

Popular requests include:

  • Special topic and skills interpreter instruction
  • Intensive cultural intelligence for interpretation
  • Industry-specific language instruction
  • Supplementary general and business culture advisement
  • Employment objectives-based group ESL training
  • Supplementary general and business American culture advisement

Our team is prepared to work with you and build your interpreting and language skills today. Our programs will meet your group’s goals and preferences, ensuring positive, efficient, and long-lasting results. Contact us today to learn about our specific offerings, or to inquire about your unique ideas.

What is CQ?

Cultural Intelligence (CQ) is the knowledge and understanding of the unique behaviors, languages, and etiquette of other cultures. Participating in a CQ assessment will provide a starting point to predict your performance and adjustment in multicultural settings. Based on an academically validated scale, CQ assessments are proven to depict where you rank in the four key areas of Cultural Intelligence: Drive, Knowledge, Strategy, and Action.

We use this state-of-the-art tool to gain insight into your capabilities to function in multi-cultural situations, engage in cross-cultural interactions, and perform in diverse work groups. Let us show you the value of CQ to your personal and professional growth by helping you develop a strategic plan and training curriculum.


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