Who we are

Established in 2007, 7C Lingo has become a driving force in language services, cultural intelligence, and a plethora of other services. We are and have been, a company dedicated to helping people grow professionally and personally. No challenge too difficult or request too small, 7C Lingo does it all!

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What we do

Document translation and Interpretation services have been the backbone of what we do at 7C Lingo for over 13 years. Additionally, cultural intelligence, ESL training, Multilingual Staffing support, and other services are all part of the 7C Brand. 7C Pros is our latest initiative, specializing in professional development.

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Why 7C

Our purpose is to make your life easy when you are “Connecting the 7”. Our highly trained team of experts make you and your clients the priority. With just a phone call, you can request an interpreter, set up a translation, sign up for ESL courses, and reach any other solution you need with little, if any, effort.

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Hannah and Hatim have been fantastic to work with and the interpreters, the interpreters were very professional and showed up early each day. We had a wonderful experience, everything was great!- Kristen G., Communications Executive Assistant, Conference Interpretation
7C Lingo has exceptional customer service and responds quickly to any inquiries. 7C Lingo is my number one choice for interpreter services. I have used all the services that they provide (telephone, in-person, Video, and Written) and have never been disappointed. During the COVID-19 Pandemic, 7C efficiently responded to the uncertainties and needs of our clients.- Rebecca, Customer Service Representative, Medical Care Facility
Amazing service!!!! Strongly recommend that place!- Karina, Personal Translation
7C has worked with us to meet all of our translation and interpretation needs. They are quick, professional, and a pleasure to work with.- Justin, Office Assistant BIG 10 University, Alliance for African Partnership

Core Services

Language Services

Language carries more than just words; it holds emotion, body language, slang, and cultural nuance. Household languages like Arabic, English, and Spanish are only a few examples of the 6,500 plus languages spoken around the globe every day. We work to connect the world through our diverse variety of language services

7C Pros

7C Pros is our new initiative to showcase our commitment to our clients, partners, and our communities at large. We work with our clients by creating professional development programs/training that prepares teams to become leaders and responsible citizens.

7C Insights

Here you will get to meet our team and learn more about 7C and our amazing Journey.  Also, we will share our latest blogs, case studies, events, and much more. Are you ready to join the 7C team of local and global linguists on this amazing journey to connect the world through better communication?

Our main services include:

Precise document translation, Professional In-Person Interpretation, American Sign Language (Medical and Legal), Certified Braille, well versed and educational professional development training, verified subtitling, and more!

Our main offerings:

Cultural intelligence – Diversity and inclusion programs – Customized training/programs – Multilingual staffing support – Country-Specific Training – Business Group Training – Leadership Training – Conversational Intelligence – Soft Skills – Virtual Training

Online Training:

We are fortunate enough to be able to serve a number of industries. Medical, legal, education, and non-profit just to name a few! There is no industry where there isn’t a need for a 7C service! Click Here to learn more about our online interpreter training!

Our Team is here to help!

5215 Jolly Cedar Ct.
Lansing, MI 48911
United States

Business Hours: Monday to Friday, 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM EST

Phone: (517) 337-2700
After-hours Texting Line: (810) 328-3570
Fax: (517) 337-6491