The gem of China you never knew existed.

Xiamen is just one of China’s hidden treasures. A haven for relaxation, culture, business, and port trade, Xiamen offers unique and exciting opportunities for the casual traveler and goal-oriented entrepreneur alike.

We are proud to be the 7C Xiamen Tourism US Cultural Center. Our connection to this beautiful and historical city allows us to provide special opportunities to our China travelers, as well as cultural insight to those in interested in the U.S.


Building a bridge from Lansing to Xiamen.

As Xiamen’s U.S. culture center, we are your local experts and information resource for promoting this wonderful city. Our close connection enables us to offer our U.S. travelers special rates, incentives, and business opportunities when visiting Xiamen.

Select Biggby stores now have informational flyers for those interested in learning more about the great city of Xiamen. Receive free Xiamen merchandise and updates on Lansing-area Xiamen culture events by joining our mailing list. For more information, please call our downtown 7C Lingo office.

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Make your next trip to China unique.

Known as the “garden on the seas” and located on the southeastern coast of China, Xiamen boasts beautiful beaches, the highest quality sea food, and a fusion culture with influences rooted in Middle Eastern, Chinese, Western, and other cultures. Enjoy a truly unique society while exploring the beautiful natural landscape and robust urban areas.

Explore the botanical gardens, Sunlight Rock, and Shuzhuang Garden. Take a relaxing drive through the scenic Round-the-Islet Road. Try special sea food delicacies, like shark soup or special Putuo vegetarian dishes. Visit the Hakka-Earth buildings, exquisite mountain homes that may house upon to 800 people each! Visit during the month-long Mid-Autumn Carnival that features Xiamen’s renowned moon cake games, landscape tourism, folk culture, shopping, the cruise ship parade, and more.

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Connect with Xiamen and your next business opportunity today.

Xiamen is the perfect place for expanding businesses to hold exhibitions, conferences, or participate in networking opportunities. As a port city, Xiamen offers business and trade connections for global business.

Popular exhibitions include the internationally recognized CIFIT Investment Gala, the China International Fair for Investment and Trade, the Cross-Strait Travel Fair, and the Xiamen International Conference and Exhibition Center.

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