Skill Development

Use your natural talents and become the solution.

At 7C Lingo, we are firm believers in people using their natural talents to create a solution within themselves. Build a more developed skill set and further your professional achievements and personal accomplishments.

Our involvement in language and culture, particularly in our local community, shows us the vast need for language and communication skills every day. By providing interpreter education, ESL, and foreign language training, we are able to give back to our community while continuing on our mission.

“Our course NCLE 100 Become a Language Interpreter has launched successfully… Students
learned all of the requisite knowledge and skills to start a new career as a language interpreter…”

Carolyn D.

Continuing Education Coordinator, Community College

Discern and begin your journey as a language interpreter!

Our interpreter training focuses on building specific interpreting skills while integrating strong ethical practices. We also offer second level courses that focus on specific industries and variations of interpreting. Our courses are currently offered at Lansing Community College, but may be reserved by companies, non-profits, public services, and individuals at the location of their choosing.

We offer onsite classes for introductory, community, legal, and court interpreting that include interpreting skills, ethics, vocabulary, and industry knowledge.

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Start interpreting today- from anywhere.

  • Do you need 40-hours of training in order to take your healthcare interpreter certification exam?
  • Are you looking to improve your interpretation techniques in the courtroom or in a medical setting?
  • Are you having trouble passing a court or healthcare certification exam?
  • Are you a certified interpreter looking to fulfill your CEU requirements?

If you answered “yes!” to any of these questions, then we have training programs to fit your needs and help you to achieve your goals.

Sign up for a language-specific and instructor-mentored training program for legal and healthcare interpreters. The programs vary from 2-week courses to 24-week college level programs encompassing the vast field of interpreting.
The courses are offered for legal and medical interpreters in the following language combinations: English < > Albanian, Arabic, French, Haitian-Creole, Hmong, German, Korean, Mandarin, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, and Vietnamese.

For interpreters planning to take the CCHI and/or NBCMI certification tests, the 40-hour comprehensive courses that are offered, will prepare medical interpreters for certification exams.

Download .zip file: All our course offerings!

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Improve your team’s communication today!

Clear communication and a functional work culture are vital for all companies and teams. Investing in language and culture training is a way to increase productivity, safety, and reduce turnover. We offer ESL training for individuals and companies. Our teachers are certified and trained to create long-lasting English language and societal communication improvements. Our services range from general communication skills and basic cultural knowledge to language courses targeting industry jargon and expectations. Our ESL service is available onsite and online for both domestic and international clients.

We encourage clients from outside the United States to inquire about the ESL services and training that we offer. Allow us to help build your English communication skills so you learn more than just the language. Learn about the culture and business practices as well. We will work with any level of English proficiency and individuals or businesses to personalize a program to fit your needs. Our online classes feature a personal teacher, maximizing efficiency and quality to ensure that you gain the skills you need.

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It’s never too late- or too early- to learn another language.

Learning a foreign language is a trending skill for the increasingly global workplace, and a useful feature when traveling abroad. Our foreign language teachers incorporate culture with language learning for added emphasis on lifestyle and long-lasting communication skills.

Our foreign language classes are perfect for both business owners interested in board room communication during their next international trip and individuals who simply want to speak another language for personal use and travel. Our classes are available for domestic and international clients, onsite or online.

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Start building your customized program today!

Our global network of interpretation, ESL, and language instructors a ready to take on your custom program request- international or domestic, in-person or online! Dive deeper into your field of study with private or group tutoring focused on your objectives and long-term professional development.

Popular requests include:

  • Special topic and skills interpreter instruction
  • Intensive cultural intelligence for interpretation
  • Industry-specific language instruction
  • Supplementary general and business culture advisement
  • Employment objectives-based group ESL training
  • Supplementary general and business American culture advisement

Our team is prepared to work with you and build your interpreting and language skills today. Our programs will meet your group’s goals and preferences, ensuring positive, efficient, and long-lasting results. Contact us today to learn about our specific offerings, or to inquire about your unique ideas.

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