The objectives of 7C Lingo’s Privacy Policy are to identify:

  • What kind of information 7C Lingo collects.
  • How 7C Lingo gathers private information.
  • How 7C Lingo uses private information.
  • 7C Lingo’s treatment of private information.

7C Lingo collects private information about its clients and vendors, as well as general useage information from website activity. 7C Lingo gathers information before, during, and after the completion of projects and for all website activity. This information may include, but is not limited to, clients and histories, financial information, project files, sensitive materials, user activity, notes of identification, application materials, work samples, popularity of articles or pages, user comments, and final objectives.

7C Lingo collects information two ways. One is through our website that allows us to track user activity. The other is through our Project Quote and Employment portals through our XTRF system where clients and vendors freely and willingly submit their information and files.

This information is used only for professional, administrative, and project necessities.

7C Lingo takes extreme care and responsibility when dealing with private client information and confidential project content and abides by all applicable laws, including but not limited to HIPAA. Our policy is that all content regarding our clients and their projects, affairs, histories, site usage, and future plans is kept confidential. There are no exceptions to this policy. We take multiple measures to ensure these standards are never compromised. 7C Lingo’s in-house project coordination never shares or reproduces client files for any entity not directly related to the completion of the project at hand. Our vendors sign and abide by our contractor agreement which clearly outlines and states the proper treatment of client files. All projects are handled directly through our XTRF system, a highly-secure project management software that allows for safe transfer of files through the stages of each project. Only select members of in-house staff have access to our website to monitor user activity. This information is used only to better our website and company.

Please note that in order to properly assess for projects, quotes and estimates must be created after project services and objectives are assessed. This may require the building of a client profile, including contact information and identification, as well as review of potential project files. All information and files collected during pre-project evaluation are kept confidential, following our privacy standards as usual.


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