Michigan Business Network

Business Next, part 1: An introduction to who 7C Lingo is and how we got started, especially our growing travel programs

Business Next, part 2: How culture plays into our services and global business

Business Next, part 3: Keeping a global mindset and staying open to cross-cultural expansion

The Leadership Lowdown: part 1– Introduction to 7C Lingo, company history, and development; Cultural Intelligence, daily cultural interactions and evolutions, international and domestic applications; Culture and Leadership together

The Leadership Lowdown: part 2– Autoethnographies and the cultures of individuals; examination of self and learning from our pasts; cultural strength as a company leader

The Leadership Lowdown: part 3– Cultural do’s and don’ts; Discover China Trip and Chinese culture; perception of the US overseas; company tips for going international

Michigan Business Beat 11/26/12: – Background on Fathy Shetiah; bilinguals vs. professionals; exporting business consultation; job shadowing program; international business partners

Michigan Business Beat 5/17/12: – 7C Lingo company basics; Chinese culture training on US culture; background on Fathy Shetiah; international product marketing, cultural intelligence, and target audiences; 7C translation process

Michigan Business Beat 3/8/12: part 1 – Background on Fathy Shetiah and 7C Lingo; Cultural Intelligence department; translation vs. interpretation; LCC educational event

Michigan Business Beat 3/8/12: part 2 – 7C customer profiles; cultural and ex-pat training; STEP program and LEAP at LCC event on how and why to export


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