Language Services

Language should not be a barrier in the business world.

Communication is key for developing and strengthening relationships. Written or spoken, formal or slang, common or rare- we work with languages, cultures, and industries world-wide. Our experience working with languages and with multi-cultural clients allows us to provide optimized language services that deliver the intended message while accounting for cultural finesse. By focusing on linguistic expertise, cultural immersion, and industry experience, our translators, interpreters, and cultural advisors ensure clear and accurate communication with your business partners, customers, and international audience. Our global team ensures quality, clarity, and 24/7 project management.

“High quality, professional translation with no complaints from the users or the client.
I hope to work with 7C Lingo for any & all translation work we have in the future.”

Tina R.

Media Company

What makes our Translation different?

Translating text is more than just switching out words from one language to another. Our linguists have the cultural and industrial expertise necessary for your translation to function correctly and fulfill its purpose. Our translations convey your message accurately in a way that is culturally compatible with your target audience.

Our translations are more than just words; they are localized messages to your target audience.By performing our translations through our time-honored quality assurance process and 24/7 project management, your ultimate objective is never out of reach. Capture your audience in their native language and culture with our full translation services, including editing, proofreading, localization, and transcreation.


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Clear conversations for all clients, all the time.

Language carries more than just words; it holds emotion, body language, slang, and cultural nuance. Our trained and certified interpreters embrace these elements, providing our clients with the clear and complete conversation. Our interpreters are cultural brokers, industry experts, and become ethical extensions of your team. Our on-site interpreters are available to help with conversational (consecutive) and conference (simultaneous) interpreting. Stationed all over the world, our interpreters are prepared to assist in a variety of contexts:

  • Conferences
  • Medical
  • Legal
  • Court
  • Social
  • Education
  • Technical
  • Contracts and Negotiations
  • Meetings and Events


Our telephonic interpreters are specially trained for over-the-phone interpreting. Our call center is 24/7/365 for high volume, time flexible, and emergency situations in over 240 different languages.

Download PDF: Free Point-to-your-language chart

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ASL within all laws and ethical requirements.

American Sign Language (ASL) is one of our most popular interpreting requests, and we abide by all laws and regulations when it comes to providing these services, including Title VI and interpreter certifications. Under the Americans with Disabilities Act, deaf and hard of hearing clients are guaranteed ethical and professional services to meet their needs. Our ASL interpreters are certified and registered, interpreting in their industries with expertise and passion. Our in-house team is ready to help you determine your clients’ service needs, including ASL, contact language, finger spelling, video relay, real-time captioning, and more. Our interpreters are prepped and ready for medical, court, social, business, and other appointment types.

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Quality Transcriptions fitted to your needs.

Our multi-language transcription services are fully comprehensive and customizable to our clients’ needs, providing verbatim or summary text, speaker attribution, time stamping, and any other annotation needed for your specific project. Our transcribers work with many materials and recording types, including but not limited to depositions, meetings, lectures, conferences, and seminars. We are able to work from various file types, such as MP3, DSS, WAV, MP4, MPEG4, and more. Our global network of transcribers enables us to turnaround many audio files at once without compromising quality or deadlines.

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Don’t sacrifice the aesthetics of different languages.

To supplement our translation services, we offer a full-suite of multi-media applications. This allows us to manage entire image, audio and video productions from beginning to end, giving our clients a simple and high quality solution to all their cross-cultural marketing and design needs.

Our services include:

Multi-lingual voiceover, producing, directing, video editing, audio recording, audio editing, DVD authoring, Blu-ray authoring, graphics, Flash, original music design, animation, video crew, equipment rental, duplication, web design, 3D (CAD, modeling, texturing, digital painting, digital lighting, and animation, including fly throughs and fly bys, photorealistic product rendering, and architectural rendering).



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