Cultural Consulting

We will help you turn cultural differences into opportunities.

Our consulting services are rooted in the cross-cultural expertise that we have developed through our longstanding global professional network, comprehensive language services, and our expertise in traveling and navigating abroad. We model our consultations on the proven research of the revolutionary Cultural Intelligence (CQ) model, which is consistent with other contemporary conceptualizations of intelligence, including Cognitive Intelligence (IQ).

Cultural Intelligence (CQ) is a person’s capability to function effectively in situations characterized by cultural diversity. It is a capability—rather than an inherent ability or personality trait—which means that it is not fixed. Instead it is a reflection of an individual’s diverse interactions and experiences, and can be enhanced to improverelationships and effectiveness in intercultural settings.

The globalized world we live in predisposes everyone to interact cross-culturally in some way. What may seem to be minor differences in cultural traditions or communication styles could actually be the defining factors in your ability to productively navigate business negotiations and new relationships. Whether you are working in a diversified professional setting, traveling to an unfamiliar location, or engaging in a cross-cultural interaction of any kind, being aware of your cultural competency level will allow you to capitalize on these opportunities. At 7C Lingo, we are an extension of our clients and their teams by helping them to assess, direct, and develop their CQ levels, as well as assist with all aspects of their diverse partnerships.

“Working with 7C Lingo establishes the right climate for capturing the strengths of a diverse team.”

Allison McClintick

M.A. CEO/Leader Development Specialist, FlightLead

Pinpoint your strengths and weaknesses

What may seem to be minor differences in cultural traditions or communication styles could actually be the defining factor in your ability to productively navigate our globalized world. Whether you are working in a diversifying professional setting, traveling to an unfamiliar location, or engaging in a cross-cultural interaction of any kind, you should be aware of your cultural competency level so as to capitalize on these opportunities. Cultural Intelligence (CQ) is the knowledge and understanding of the unique behaviors, languages, and etiquette of other cultures .Participating in a CQ assessment will provide a starting point to predict your performance and adjustment in multi-cultural settings. Based on an academically validated scale, CQ assessments are proven to depict where you rank in the four key areas of Cultural Intelligence: Drive, Knowledge, Strategy, and Action .

We use this state-of-the-art tool to gain insight into your capabilities to function in multi-cultural situations, engage in cross-cultural interactions, and perform in diverse work groups. Let us show you the value of CQ to your personal and professional growth by helping you develop a strategic plan and training curriculum.

7C Lingo offers a variety of assessment types:

  • CQ Multi-Rater Assessments: Combines self-assessment and observer-feedback to generate a thorough, personalized report.
  • Specialized CQ Self-Assessments: Provides feedback on how individuals view their own CQ capabilities—available for a variety of contexts
  • CQ Group Reports: Aggregated results for a group of participants

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Evaluate the cultural competency of your programs

If you recognize that increased cultural competency is their key to global success, we can help you get started. 7C Lingo offers full-service program evaluations to determine the specific ways in which you or your group can benefit from multi-cultural support.

The best way to improve Cultural Intelligence levels is through personalized coaching and training. 7C Lingo will execute an evaluation of your current cross-cultural behavioral processes and help you develop a customized plan of improvement. Beyond establishing general objectives, we will work with you to decipher your organization’s specific cross-cultural goals to design a targeted program to meet your needs.

Whether you feel the need to increase your overall level of cultural competency, gain insight into a specific culture or language, or are just looking to reform specific programs in accordance with globalized standards, we establish an action plan that is both challenging and attainable. 7C Lingo has experience providing evaluations and establishing strategic intercultural goals for individuals, businesses, international academic exchange programs, and more. These one of-a-kind plans will guarantee you a competitive advantage in navigating our internationalizing world. We provide our clients with coaching every step of the way—from strategic planning to full-scale training and development.

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How can Cultural Training help?

By establishing diversifying goals and facilitating culture-based behavioral changes, our cultural development programs help our clients produce productive and long-lasting global and cross-cultural relationships. These training programs are designed to develop the overall Cultural Intelligence of our clients in accordance with their unique goals.

Our approach to culture training is holistic. We focus on creating a permanent behavioral change in our clients that:

  • Increases their overall cultural proficiency
  • Helps them communicate with people of all cultural and linguistic backgrounds
  • Builds their international navigation skills
  • Develops and strengthens their intercultural leadership

Custom programs are ideal for meeting the specific goals of individuals, student groups, and company teams preparing for international cooperation and cultural development. We offer unique workshops, activities, presentations, materials and more to improve Cultural Intelligence levels. Our programs can be tailored to meet any request, international or domestic. Cultural proficiency is a process, and we support our clients through one-on-one coaching for general questions and cross-cultural situational conflicts.

Sample Cultural Intelligence Development Sessions:

Cultural Intelligence 101

Targeted CQ Development

Country-Specific Culture Training

American Business and Culture Training

Comprehensive Educational Travel Programs

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Why is Brand Communication important?

Global competition is increasing every day, making it more necessary than ever to reach your international audience through effective communication. We’ve all heard about the cultural consequences of mishaps in international marketing campaigns caused by foregoing the proper target market research and consultation. Although these mishaps can be intriguing to observers, they can also be costly to the companies who experience them. 7C Lingo is here to make sure that this doesn’t happen to you.

You’ve developed your logo, mission, and company to be pursued by your customers. Reach your next audience by communicating your brand in the most effective way—a way that is consistent with native cultures. Maintain your brand loyalty across diverse cultural settings by embracing target language and preferences. Our cultural marketing consultants focus on localizing your brand to ensure the maximum potential for a successful campaign.

Our brand communication services apply to websites, logos, video scripts, and other marketing materials. We have the culturally fluent and industry-targeted translation teams necessary for message retention, plus the graphic design prowess to meet your branding and compatibility requirements. In addition, we offer a personalized, 1:1 approach that will provide you with an overview of our findings for your brand and a complete understanding of your culturally intelligent message

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Build your international connections.


Our consulting, translation, and travel services have naturally allowed us to build an expansive network of culture experts and industry professionals around the world. We want to share this network with our clients who are searching for their next international partner. Our suppliers span multiple countries, industries, and materials, providing our match-seeking clients with the relationships and solutions they are looking for.

Whether you are seeking a local guide to assist your travels, an industry expert that is proficient in a unique cultural context, or an academic resource with whom you can consult about a study abroad experience, we will work not only to provide you with those connections, but to facilitate your ability to achieve your goals.  This service can include:

  • Coordinating professional meetings & networking opportunities
  • Facilitating tours for personal or professional development
  • Setting up site visits to companies within the U.S. or abroad to accommodate international professional development experiences
  • Providing travel arrangements to make your experience networking abroad easy, enjoyable, and affordable

To date, we have developed the strongest connections with our business partners in China, the Middle East, Brazil, and in various locations throughout the U.S. We are continuing to build our connections in new regions like India, South America, and South East Asia as well as other developing industries and suggested markets. Let us know your geographic interests so we can target your program!

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