Internet or travel agent? It’s a dilemma many people are wrestling with as the summer vacation season heats up. If you think most travel agents are being superseded by online booking mechanisms, think again. Although the Internet has simplified booking an airline ticket or a room at a well-known hotel chain, if your trip involves several components or you’re seeking a truly unique professional or private experience, that’s when a well-connected travel agent can really make a difference. Travel agents are staging a comeback to web sites like, Orbitz, and Travelocity. This is because travelers are tired of always communicating with a screen and want to ensure that their getaway is in good hands. Creating a personal relationship with ...

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A word from Caleigh standard

With a degree in International Relations and a variety of personal travel experiences, I couldn’t be more excited to join the team at 7C Lingo and help bring to life our new Travel Management services. My most recent travel experience involved living abroad for three months in Barcelona, Spain, where I did research on Spanish and European arms production and exportation. Living and working in Barcelona gave me a whole new range of appreciation for the cultural intricacies that are necessary to form global relationships—in my workplace, I spoke only in Spanish, but grew to appreciate the language of Catalan and the customs associated with it that are unique to the greater Spanish region of Catalonia. This experience initiated my ...

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5 facts about Sun Tzu before The Art of War image

If Sun Tzu were alive today, he might be surprised at how popular he is. His teaching The Art of War now circulates around the world in over 15 languages. You are probably reading this right now because you want to apply The Art of War’s lessons to competition in everyday personal and business life. Indeed, The Art of War is not just some witty tactics or useful tips to success; it is a collection of in-depth knowledge and wisdom produced amid the vigorous political instability in the Spring Autumn Period of Chinese history (770 B.C. – 476 B.C.). But before we jump ahead, let us go back and look at the legendary man’s story and his family background. Here are ...

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Rebuild trust in your team image

Trust is one of the most important elements for a working office. It is important for teammates to trust both themselves and other teammates. Trust enables your team to depend on each other and themselves to complete tasks. This encourages their ambition and acceptance of responsibility, which in turn creates a more productive work environment.

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Overcoming 4 fears of freelancing standard

On the language services side of things, the majority of our translation and interpretation services are provided by our freelancers who function as independent contractors for our company. Freelancing is a great option for translators and interpreters (among many other services) because it provides them the flexibility to grow and run their business exactly as they like. 

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How to encourage American students to learn another language standard

The U.S. is a leader in many things. Unfortunately, foreign languages is not one of them, and it could mean major loses for both our economy and individual citizens. According the the U.S. Committee on Economic Development (CED) in this Forbes article, American businesses may lose more than $2 billion per year because of misunderstandings rooted in language or culture.

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